About us

Sider Pagani, born in the early 80's will for Alfonso Piccolo, is now one of the leading companies in the manufacture and marketing of ferrous and scrap metal.
The history of this company, the values ​​to which it is based and from which he drew the foundation for future development is closely related to that of the place where it was born.
In fact, the guidelines that still characterize this activity are the same ones that have characterized the past of a place: the Agro Nocerino-Sarno, and a population, where the cult of the recovery has origins rooted in the immediate post-war period and it has become the subsequent economic boom driving one of the activities for the local economy.
The traditional guidelines are followed, and still form the starting point of development policies implemented by management and are integrated with a vision and a strong innovation, both technological production so as to achieve a decisive competitive advantage in terms of know- how, in recent years has led to the ISO 9000 certification.
In addition, we tried to achieve a flexible organization that gives organizational and decision-making easy and fast compared with the outside world to adapt quickly to the steel market is now definitely a strategic segment for the 'Italian for the global economy .
Since the inception of this company is strongly focused on believing in people, in their maximum value and accountability in their professional training, in continuing collaboration and specialized in making employees part of a long-term project.
And still in the research and development, loyalty partnerships with their counterparts in the human relationship prior to the business.
All this can be summarized into concepts such as Dynamism, flexibility, adaptability, logistics, expertise and ongoing guidance to the quality of the product through a high rate of innovation of processes, these are the adjectives that best identify the Sider Pagans today.
Specific elements, characterizing, the major factors on which the management has focused since the beginning the company to increase competitiveness.
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