Services and Technology

The mission of the Sider Pagani can be summarized in a brief but effective concept:

Nothing is created, nor destroyed, but everything is transformed

Sider Pagani srl to achieve maximum efficiency of its recovery cycle of scrap iron and metal, and reconcile it with the need for proper environmental management, performs diversified technological processes according to the type of material treated.

automezzo1.jpgThe important parts of this cycle can be summarized as follows:
  • Collection of materials implemented with its own fleet and with the continuous cooperation of carriers.
  • Selecting and sorting the various types of scrap according to their nature and physical-chemical characteristics.
  • Enhancement and finishing materials tailored to specific market demands through a process steel metal shear ing, pressing and crushing.
  • Delivery of prepared scrap and selected at the premises of end users (domestic and foreign steel mills and foundries).
automezzo2.jpgThese processes are carried out by:
  • Number 10 vehicles of various sizes equipped with cranes and demountable systems.
  • Number 80 interchangeable bins of different sizes, some with lids, to be placed at the companies.
  • Number 5 chargers for material handling in our yard.
  • Number 5 automatic presses, continuous duty, the packing of scrap with sizes ranging from 20x30 to 70x50.
  • Number 1 press shears for shearing and volumetric reduction of scrap.
  • Number 1 plant for shredding and separation of copper cables.
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